Not just a pretty face, Window Cleaning and more!

Block paving cleaning Swindon

Window cleaning and more

More than window cleaning, Swindon’s Nice Clean are great for many other aspects of property maintenance. Property maintenance usually involves the type of task you know needs doing, but you just never quite manage to find the time to get round to it. With the price of property today, whether you are a landlord or own your own home, general regular maintenance is essential.

That, though, goes beyond window cleaning. Swindon-based Nice Clean have armed themselves with a considerable amount of equipment to allow them to tackle so many cleaning projects relating to the outside of properties.

So when autumn’s over and winter sets in, the most important cleaning task for your property is cleaning out the gutters of all dead leaf matter and general detritus.

This is so critical as if the gutters don’t empty efficiently and overflow, this can lead to damp penetration in your property. If you also allow the leaf matter to break down to a mulch, then eventually it will block downpipes or, worse still, the storm water drain underground. If it’s blocked on your property, then it’s your (costly) liability to get it fixed!

While doing your window cleaning, Swindon’s Nice Clean can do your gutters and pathways too!

The problem with having a reputation as a window cleaner in Swindon is that many people don’t even think to ask if we clean anything else. We don’t blame them and perhaps part of that is our fault, which is why we are making a concerted effort to make it better known what we can help you with.

We have a great gallery of pictures showing the results of the work we have tackled and as the expression goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. These picture tell you what we are capable of doing better than we can, but we want you to realise that we are more than window cleaners in Swindon.

So, now knowing that, why don’t you contact us and ask us to come out and give you a free quote for doing those jobs you’ve been putting off for too long.